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Integrated management system

MERI‘s commitment to Quality Health Safety and the Environment concerns all employees, as well as its customers and stakeholders. Our company puts at the heart of its strategy a management approach with integrity of the Health and Safety Quality Environment in accordance with international standards while respecting the applicable regulatory and legal requirements. Indeed, MERI has the following certifications:

  ISO 9001 version 2015

ISO 45001 version 2018

ISO 14001 version 2015

In addition, MERI has been rigorous in the application of the Quality and Safety Environment rules and procedures during the realization of these projects by recognitions issued by the main customers (Vivo Energy …) as well as obtaining best scores during sub contractor evaluations.

Our main goal is Zero Goal, which translates into zero accidents, zero environmental damage and zero quality product non-compliance.

A principle of continuous improvement is the focal point of our system so that it remains relevant, adequate and effective, which allows us to increase the satisfaction of our customers and go beyond mere compliance with the requirements.

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